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31 Jan

The Challenge Of Reading Everything

31 Jan

Twitter CEO: Google has all the data they need

31 Jan


At the D:Dive Into Media conference, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told Peter Kafka that Google (s GOOG) has all the data it needs to present Twitter data in its search results right alongside Google+ results. That has been the latest public response from Twitter after Google recently began pushing its own social network in search results while keeping out Facebook and Twitter.

“Google crawls us at a rate of 1300 hits per second… They’ve indexed 3 billion of our pages,” Costolo said. “They have all the data they need.”

Costolo went on to say that the dispute between Google and Twitter was never about money, as it’s been reported previously. Instead, he said that the disagreement between the two companies wasn’t limited to the financial disagreement. “Both of us wanted a value exchange where it wasn’t just about money,” he said.

Other interesting info from the keynote:

  • On the company’s…

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