6 Feb

Sex is one hell of a drug.

Cut The Crap Movie Reviews

6/10 One-Track Minds

Sex is one hell of a drug.

Shame is about a single, successful businessman living in New York City who keeps up appearances as a model human being to everyone who knows him. But behind closed doors, he’s a bonafide sex addict whose life has been all but consumed by his constant carnal cravings. Up until now, he’s done a bang-up job of keeping things under wraps, but then his sister shows up unannounced, moves onto his couch, and begins complicating things with his horny boss. Unable to kick her to the curb since she has nowhere else to go, our closet nympho finds his philandering ways increasingly challenged by the needs of the only family he has left.

And so marks my very first NC-17 theatergoing experience. Even got carded and everything. It’s not that I’ve been actively avoiding NC-17 movies since I turned the…

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