19 May


Lawyers tried to ruin Mark Zuckerberg’s big day with a sprawling lawsuit that portrays the Facebook founder as a rogue hacker, and accuses the company of tracking users on their computers and iPhones. The lawyers want to collect $15 billion for you and me and nearly everyone else on Facebook.

Here’s a plain english Q&A of what’s going on:

What did Facebook do that was so wrong?

The company placed files on users’ computers called cookies that told the social network which websites they visited.

Is that so unusual? I thought lots of sites do that

The problem is that Facebook (s FB) appears to have tracked you even after you logged-out. Under the company’s own policy, it promised not to do that and thus violated the limits of your consent when it did.

How exactly did Facebook track me?

Many websites like CNN or Justin Bieber Zone have a…

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