Hilarios >> The Diamond Jubilee Explained by Yanks

6 Jun


For the past four days the United Kingdom has been celebrating a thing called the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Here in the US office, our comrades’ unique holiday has been marked by a noticeable decline in their “workplace output,” a trend that people foolishly in business with Britons the world over have probably noticed. The original plan was to get our London office to provide some sort of explanation as to what exactly the fuck is going on over there, but all of our emails have been drunkenly answered with what appears to be the middle or perhaps the end of a sentence, like “and is [a] jubilee innit mate?” or sometimes just “THE QUEEN.” None of the responses so far have had any discernible point, so we made a list of questions about the Queen and her Jubilee and stayed up all night answering them

via The Diamond Jubilee Explained by Yanks | VICE.


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